Livermore Real Estate Trends

Looking to purchase or sell in Livermore and or the Tri-Valley area of Pleasanton, San Ramon, Dublin, Danville?  If you are thinking or have been thinking of doing just that then you may want to look at this valuable  MLS data of Livermore detached homes sold from 2005 to 2016.

Some of the key indicators in this chart being evaluated are:

  • Percent of homes sold “At and Above listing  price”
  • Percent of homes sold “Above listing price”
  • Percent of homes sold “At listing price”


As an example, back in second quarter (Q2) 2005, (85%) of detached homes sold were “At and above the list price”. (56%) of the homes sold in the same quarter were “Above the list price.”  (25%) of the homes sold “At listing price.”

(Q4)2007 and (Q1)2008 saw a period where only (19%) of the homes sold At and above the list price, (8%) sold lower than the list price and (6%) sold At the listing price! As the economic conditions started to improve so did the housing market with almost (50%) of the homes sold above listing price in (Q1)2010

Home sales reached their highest (Q2)2005 levels during (Q2)2013 with (81%) of homes selling At and Above listing price. As you can see percentage of homes selling At and above listed price have been slowly declining since this latest peak. The numbers for (Q2)2016, summer being typically the high sales period, showing signs of closing the gap between list and sold price!

So what does this trend tell us?  Is the red line (Above listing price) in chart going to cross the black line (At listing price) in the near future?  Is it a good time to purchase your dream home?  Will the price of homes follow the downward trend as above?

The data is there to help you make an informed decision specific to  your unique situation and circumstances!



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